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Richard G Herman wants to know where US official report gave facts on al-Qaida's anti-Israel prime motivation, as he "can't find," Tuesday, October 12, 2004




AT the recent Costa Mesa IHR meeting you said that "The 9/11 Commission Report" quotes the hijackers as stating their motivation was America's support for Israel in its assault on the Palestinians, not hate of Western freedoms etc.

Good news to me! I have maintained from the beginning that this is the case, but the only confirmation I have is Bin Laden's statement, "Americans will not feel safe until Palestinians feel safe."

I went right out and bought a copy of the Report and read it cover to cover. But am disappointed in not finding the statements you refer to. Could you kindly direct me to them?

Richard G Herman

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David Irving replies:

Jeez!!!! , here are just a few:

page 49, line 3
page 147, half way down
page 150, one-third down
page 154, one-third down, etc etc etc

and those are just in 100 pages of the book

Do your own reading and homework!

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