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David Kramer [see note below] writes from New York August 10, 1998:

IT WAS both an honor meeting you and a pleasure hearing you speak last Friday night here in New York City. Are you sure you are not Jewish? With a name like David Irving and your perfect comic delivery, you could do stand-up in the Catskills (also called the "Jewish Alps")!

Auschwitz gateWhat was most enlightening for me though is not what you said at the talk. It is what you mentioned in your Action Report that was given out at the meeting. You mentioned a caption in the April 24, 1998 edition of The New York Times in which it stated that ...Netanyahu...joined.....in a two-mile march from Auschwitz to Birkenau, the sister camp where the gas chambers were... (italics mine). And as David Irving would say, I didn't take your word for it but went back to the original copy of the paper and--lo and behold--there it was, EXACTLY as you quoted it.

So now we are informed, indirectly by the "journal of record" (owned by some of my Jewish Landsmen) that there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz! (I could probably retire by just betting $5 dollars with every Jewish relative or person I know or meet as to whether or not Auschwitz had gas chambers, then whip out a copy of the photo! Uh-oh, there is the Jew in me already trying to make money off of this!)

Well, David, that was it for me. I have now gone from being a Jewish gas chamber "skeptic" for the past 2 years to a full-fledged Jewish gas chamber "DENIER." But unfortunately, I don't think this is a good sign for the Revisionists. You see, we may have won this battle, but this tells me that we may ultimately lose the war. What I think will eventually happen is that the Holocaust and Establishment "historians" will eventually claim that the only places where there were gas chambers were places like Treblinka, Sobibor, etc. In other words, sites that have now been completely destroyed so that no one can disprove them with technical analyses as was done at Auschwitz. To prove my hypothesis, you notice how you never hear them mention that it was once believed that there were gas chambers at Dachau or Buchenwald. (I saw the David Cole tape with the stock army propaganda piece on the Dachau "deadly gas chambers.")

No matter. I am keeping a copy of the photo with caption in my wallet, and will whip it out every time I get into a discussion about the gas chambers and someone thinks I am crazy.

The next time we meet, I hope it is at an Institute for Historic Review conference. Then I can hear you speak for a longer time, and perhaps ask you questions.

David Kramer

 David Irving notes:

 In a previous letter to this Website, Mr Kramer has claimed to be Jewish; this is a claim which cannot yet be tested. Caution seems appropriate as a response.

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