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David Kramer writes from New York, May 17, 1999

Auschwitz gateTHE following happened two weekends ago.

I was at a friend's party where the wife of another friend of mine (not Jewish) told me she was taking a Holocaust course. The good news is that they told her there were NO gas chambers at Auschwitz, only Birkenau (Does this mean Elie Wiesel has to give back his Nobel Prize?). The BAD news is that they told her about the Jewish bars of soap and lamp shades.

I, of course, told her that there were no human bars of soap or lamp shades (I told her that if she didn't believe me to call Yehuda Bauer at the Yad Vashem center in Israel.) I also told her that there were never any gas chambers. I told her to ask her teacher for an autopsy report and forensic report proving there was a gas chamber.

There is an old Jewish expression: A liar has to have a good memory. It seems that they give up one myth, only to resurrect another one. They really should try to get their stories straight.

David Kramer

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 David Irving notes:

 In a previous letter to this Website, Mr Kramer states that he is Jewish.

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