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David Kramer writes from Queens, New York, July 24, 1998:

I JUST READ about your being banned to explore the Auschwitz site.

To paraphrase something one of your fellow countrymen wrote a few centuries ago, "Methinks the Holocaust Lobby doth protest too much."

It is amazing how these people have become exactly like the people they despise -- they want to censor you just like Goebbels and company censored opposing views. They don't get it. The more force they use against Revisionists, the more the average questioning person is going to wonder what they are so afraid of. But having read many of the classic Revisionists work, I know the answer: They are afraid that people will find out the truth.

I look forward to seeing and hearing you [SPEAKING IN MANHATTAN] on August 7 [1998] (and I hope to be able to ask some questions, too!). Keep up your BRAVE work.

David Kramer
Queens, NY

 David Irving notes:

 Mr Kramer, who is Jewish, is welcome to attend the little Manhattan function at which I shall speak. He is one of very many who are beginning, as is their right, to question the very foundations of modern history.

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