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flagDavid Miller writes from Australia with the latest news on the country's "good character" requirements for visitors, January 27, 1999

Dear Mr Irving,

In the face of opposition from Christian groups Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock recently granted a visa to rock singer and satanic priest Marilyn Manson who would be the featured performer at The Big Day Out festivals in Melboune and Sydney. The reverend Fred Nile warned Ruddock of the dangerous influence of Manson on the young due to Manson's overt promotion of sex, drugs and violence. Ruddock remained unmoved. (Manson's band members each take their names from infamous mass murderers).

Radio station 3AW reported this morning (Jan. 27) that Manson performed a series of lewd acts on stage with items thrown on stage including a shoe. When one fan threw some unwanted objects onto the stage Manson called a halt to the show, identified the individual, then REPEATEDLY INCITED members of the audience to "beat his f***ing head in".

The 3AW reporter could not determine whether the fan was then set upon by audience members or security personnel but he was physically removed. Manson concluded his show by tearing the Christian bible to pieces and destoying instruments in front of gigantic letters spelling out the word DRUGS.

This is the sort of person Minister Ruddock deems suitable for our shores.

David Miller

 David Irving notes:

 I HOPE to be seeing you all in Australia within twelve months. I am preparing a Little Something to that end...

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