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Lawrence Starr writes from Ohio, USA, August 23,1998:

Federal authorities in Cleveland this week brought down some forty-two indictments for 'Rico' acts (organized crime) and drug trafficking. It is my understanding that at least one of the persons arrested was a National Alliance member whose bar was being used as a meeting facility.

Last year it was bank robbery, one of the three perpetrators being recently sentenced to six years (the lenient sentence apparently reflecting his co-operation with authorities).

I have always found it perplexing that persons of this ilk cloak themselves in the garb of revolutionaries when in fact at base they are just common criminals.

Lawrence Starr
Oberlin, Ohio

 David Irving reports:

   Dr William Pierce, chairman of the U.S. National Alliance, states (Wednesday, August 26, 1998) :

It is true that the owner of a building in the Cleveland area in which the National Alliance occasionally has held meetings was indicted recently for racketeering and drug trafficking, but this person has never been a member of the National Alliance, and National Alliance members who used the facilities in his building were unaware of his alleged criminal activity. National Alliance members do not customarily check for criminal records of the owners of motels, restaurants, bars, or other facilities when they make arrangements for meeting places.

It will be appreciated if you will contact me for verification before publicizing any future allegations which reflect unfavorably on the National Alliance. Incidentally, Lawrence Starr also is not and never has been a member of the National Alliance.


William L. Pierce
Chairman, National Alliance

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