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posted Saturday, July 30, 2005

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A4 (V-2) rocket section

Aubrey Soper has a further comment, Saturday, July 30, 2005, on an official US army photo of the slave-labor missile factory at Nordhausen

Nordhausen entrance

Life and death at the Nordhausen rocket factory

THANK you for posting the captioned photo of the Nordhausen rocket factory in a hollowed out mountain on your web site. Contrary to standard reports of this facility being a fetid charnel house where starving Jewish slave workers promptly perished, the fact of German civilians in the vicinity taking refuge of a comfortable sort there in response to allied bombing raids makes sense.

No one who appreciates the unmatched hazards involved in launching V2 rockets -- a fifty foot high missile with a ton of explosive in the nose, balanced on its frail tail fins while being charged with alcohol and five tons of liquid oxygen, while connected to various electrical and electronic circuits for monitoring, guidance, startup and firing---made in this facility could accept the idea of Jewish or any other slave laborers making delicate parts for such a complex weapon or assembling them.

Sweeping the floors or making coffee, maybe, but not fabricating weapons so sophisticated that the US, Britain, and the Soviet Union all impressed German specialists to teach them how to launch the V2's they took home at the end of the war.

Logic satisfies me that if any sort of prisoners had made a meaningful contribution to the fabrication of V2 rockets, they would have been subsequently abducted by the US, Britain, and Soviet Union along with the specialists mentioned, the rockets, related accessories, and engineering paperwork.

Aubrey Soper


««««« Image: sectional view of a German V2 rocket



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