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Giovanni Abeti of Italy reports on Tuesday, April 1, 2003 that the usual problem faces publishing Real History in his country



The usual problem faces publishing Real History in Italy


THANK you for your free donwloadable books. I've just started reading "Hitler's War", and I think I'll buy its Italian edition. Hitler's WarI'm sorry it has been published by a small company, but, probably you know, all large Italian publishing companies belong to freemasons (like Mondadori, of the freemason, prime minister and richest man in Italy Silvio Berlusconi) or to Jews (like Rizzoli-Corriere della Sera, whose publishing director is the Jewish journalist and historian Paolo Mieli and whose most important shareholder is now the half-Jew John Jacob Elkann, or the Espresso group, of the Jew speculator Carlo De Benedetti).

I've a correction for your internet edition of "Hitler's War": in page 87, you quote Ribbentrop who states that the Italian planetariums had been both "robbed" from Germany after WW1. I think you should specify that the first, the planetarium of Rome, had been offered by the German government as war reparation, while the planetarium of Milan was a gift of the Swiss publisher Ulrico Hoepli.

Now just a short comment about Weizsäcker's quote in page 88: in Renzo De Felice's monumental biography of Mussolini ( Mussolini il duce, page 480) it's explained that, if Italian proposals for the "Pact of Steel" sounded like an "armistice with an enemy" to Germans it was mostly because of a misunderstanding -- it wasn't the will of the Italian diplomats.

I think that your book "Hitler's War" is a must for everybody who wants to study the history of WW2; but I would have liked it a bit more if you had used more Italian sources, although that's a problem that I've found with all Anglo-Saxon historians.

Giovanni Abeti


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Irving David Irving replies:


MANY thanks for those corrections, which I will incorporate in the next edition. Arnoldo Mondadori Editore published all my books in Italy very profitably for many years, but then came under pressure not to... In 1964 Signor Arnoldo Mondadori, senior, showed me around the huge printing plant in person, telling me with a heart chucile, "Sono il più grande editore d'Italia" (he was indeed very fat). All the editors who had been friendly to me were dismissed. La lotta continua!


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