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Johann van der Linde of South Africa would like advice on textbooks on World War Two

Teaching WW2 history

I AM responsible for teaching history in a private Afrikaans school in South Africa. As for myself, history is a hobby. The problem is textbooks.

Presently I use Prof. A J P Taylor's The Origins of the Second World War as a basis of my presentation. I also incorporate your Hitlers War which I downloaded on internet. On my bookshelf I have The Virus House which I use extensively in my true subject - science.

The problem is visual material. I have access to videos of WW II, but it is biased. Is there any material available to use in teaching WW II ?

The next theme is the Anglo Boer War which from my viewpoint is highly controversial. Can you suggest an approach ?

Johann van der Linde


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David Irving comments:

I am glad you have downloaded my books as textbooks for your school; that is one major reason why I have posted them as free downloads on this website. I will post your query on my website and I am sure you will get many replies.

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