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Alex asks, Friday, March 26, 2004, about new editions of Churchill's War, Goebbels, and other David Irving titles.

Churchill and Hitler, volumes on

A COUPLE of enquiries:

  1. Are there any plans to re-print the Goebbels biography? It's been marked as sold out for a while and none are currently on offer in eBay. I know I can download it for free, and I have (many thanks), but nothing beats owning a physical copy!
  2. When will the revised edition of Churchill's War, Vol 1, be published? I remember reading in your website that you intended to do one, and package in the same style as Vol 2. Will there be a boxset of the complete trilogy, once Vol 3 has been completed?

I am currently reading (and very much enjoying) Hitler's War, which I bought not long ago. It is exactly what I was hoping for: something that would give me an account of the war, and an insight into the man, without the tedious moralising one expects from "conformist" historians. I am also well impressed with the design and quality of the product -- I like it when the packaging shows dedication and it is a labour of love, as opposed to a purely Fordist concern for squeezing the maximum profit margin through keeping the production costs (and hence the quality) at rock bottom.

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David Irving comments:

YES, we hope to reprint Goebbels this year; it ties down a lot of capital however. The last time we reprinted the volume, we just did not print enough. We will update Churchill Vol 1 when volume 3 is finally published, and eventually publish all three volumes in a boxed set. "Churchill's War", Vol 3: "The Sundered Dream" will appear next year, all other factors being equal.

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