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A regular supporter in Ohio, writes on Saturday, January 4, 2003 about an anomaly he noticed on mail received from Mr Irving



A regular supporter ...

I THINK I should bring this to your attention. I recall a couple of months ago you mentioned something about trouble getting your mail.

This afternoon [January 4, 2003] I received an acknowledgement letter from you (thanks by the way, but its not necessary) with a Nov 20 postmark - and a blue "Royal Post" sticker on the back of the envelope saying the letter had been "diverted to an alternative service."

Might just have been a postage thing -- but thought you should know.

A M F [name known to this website]




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Irving David Irving comments:


READERS of my printed Action Report will recall that some years ago I commented on a curious incident involving a package correctly addressed from the United States to a company called "Focal Point" in Barbados, nothing to do with our own company of that name based in London. Our address was nowhere visible on the packaging, yet it had been delivered to us in London. Conclusion: Mail services somewhere had been alerted to intercept mail for Focal Point, and after they had (inevitably) satisfied themselves it was harmless, it had been coded with an invisible barcode inadvertently routing it to us, the other Focal Point, in London. What a chuckle. And kind of reassuring too -- to know that if the good guys are paying such attention to the innocents, you can just imagine what a hard time they're giving to the bad guys.

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