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Peter Andresen writes from Queensland, Australia, on Thursday, July 17, 2003, to suggest that Mr Irving may be a racist




I DECIDED to check out your website after becoming suspicious as to why your film was not shown at a recent film festival. I swas prepared to go further in searching for some truths about WW2 as I would tend to agree with your findings so far. But -- I refer to a letter that you have published on your website dated Dec 8, 2002 titled "Those pesky 'deniers' have seized the high ground."

Your answer was interesting in that I am a watcher of the BBC via cable and never noticed or considered the racial background or appearance of the presenters. Perhaps I am just not as perceptive as you or have some other failing that I am not aware of.

I was brought up in a white enclave in Australia called Toowoomba, where, with a population of 40,000 or so we had one aboriginal and perhaps a dozen Asians, all the rest of us were lily-white. So apart from a stint working in Asia for ten years I have not been exposed directly to the ebony culture that you mentioned.

I did, naturally enough, have plenty of racist friends in those days during the forties and fifties so your snide description of the non white presenters on the BBC brought the memories flooding back of the absolute and unhealthy fixation on ones race that was evidenced by this inward looking and essentially ignorant society.

So, David, this is one potential ally whom you have lost -- I have yet to meet a racist who has not had physiological or psychological problems or a combination of both. Indeed during my time in Asia I found that the most non racist Europeans in Asia invariably tended to be good looking, intelligent, of a higher social standing, socially adapted to Asia, and have a higher level of education.

I exclude the British from these observations in the previous sentence as it was most difficult to find British with any of these attributes, let alone a combination of them.

Peter Andresen

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David Irving replies

YES, I know Toowoomba well -- the flowers! -- and I spoke twice on your local TV.

But by your criteria I seem to be a racist; one of the legacies of being brought up in a White England since 1938 and seeing it flooded and corrupted by an outside culture with no interest in preserving our own. Ironic, that we spent an Empire defending Britain against a mythical invasion threat from 1940 to 1945, then opened the floodgates without so much as a murmur and allowed the invasion to happen from elsewhere.

I guess from Queensland things look different than they do from the heart of London. May it never happen to Toowoomba.


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