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Avril Smith, of Sussex, has views of her own about the mess England is in, December 10, 2008 .

DAVID IRVING spoke in Hove, Sussex in November 2008

I SHOULD have liked to come to hear you speak in Hove, but I am seventy-six and not in good health, so I do not get around so easily now.

I think the present situation we are in is dreadful. I recently heard John le Carré interviewed on BBC4 27.10.08. His real name is David Cornwell, and he once worked for MI5. He said that he looks back to the Cold War nostalgically because both East and West believed that once their differences were resolved, the future of mankind was 'rosy'. But now he believes we are in a "deep mess", He is still opposed to war and believes our present difficulties cannot be resolved militarily.

The worst feature of our present situation is that the establishment lies to us about everything, even medical issues like the MMR jabs. These have severely damaged a young relative of mine. He is now autistic, unable to talk, and will never live a normal life. The political lies they feed us are legion. Surely we have never before been governed by such crooks?

The Establishment knows that terminally ill Abdelbaset Ali Mohamed Megrahi is completely innocent of the Lockerbie bombing, but they will keep him in solitary confinement until he dies. If you haven't already read John Pilger's book Tell Me No Lies, then you must! He has one chapter by Paul Foot who has researched the Lockerbie bombing in real depth, it is astonishing. It is obvious that it was all arranged by the USA and Israel, and nothing to do with Libya.

Is it not strange that so many strange deaths have occurred to people who disputed the Establishment views? So, as the Queen said to Paul Burrough, "Watch your back"!

We are told that this present war in Afghanistan is being fought "so that little girls there can go to school." What a joke, when we sit and watch Zimbabwe starving to death, and we ourselves installed Robert Mugabe's evil regime. Our government refused to accept the democratically elected Able Muzorewa in what was then Rhodesia. We insisted that the terrorists be brought in from the bush, and Mugabe's thugs terrorized the people into voting for him. I guess that Zimbabwe has no strategic value to Israel.

Avril Smith (Mrs)
Goring by Sea, Sussex, England


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