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Bernard L writes from Canada Saturday, September 20, 2003, about why he backs Mr Irving against the rest



A French-Canadian brings support

YOU might like to know who your supporters are.

I want to express my sincere appreciation, and admiration, for your remarkable work as a historian as well as your persistent determination to spread the truth in the face of so much aggression and viciousness.

People like you make a difference. I just hope that your efforts, and the ones of your revisionist colleagues, will bear fruit in our lifetime. I wish I had your courage.

Since I do not, the least I can do is share a bit of my money. It is incredibly easy compared to facing the hardships that come with taking up the cause in public.

I forget where I saw this, but someone famous once said something like this: New ideas that challenge established beliefs go through three phases:

  • first they are laughed at
  • second they are aggressively opposed, and
  • third, they are accepted as self evidence.

We are definitely in phase two. It is going to be a long and rough road.

About me: I am a forty year-old middle class French-Canadian. I have been interested in military history since childhood. I first came across you when I bought your book on Erwin Rommel in 1990.

Soon after, I bought Hitler's War. I got very interested in the concept that Adolf Hitler did not know about the genocide of the Jews. It was only a couple of years ago that I came across your website and I quickly became a revisionist.

A few weeks ago I finished Joel Hayward's thesis. What a great document. I decided to help you following this lecture. The conclusion is simple: revisionists communicate mostly facts, anti-revisionists communicate mostly hatred.

I have also read your book on Nuremberg (hard copy) and the download version of the book on Dresden. I have on my shelves, waiting for me, the two Churchill's War books and the one on Goebbels. I am a fan. Keep writing.

Merci pour tout,

Bernard L.

[Full name withheld by this website]

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