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John Boyle of Washington state takes issue, Monday, April 12, 2004, with this website's portrayal of the war in Iraq



Your website is now off limits 

I HAVE deleted your website, for the last time, from my computer because of the latest Ted Rall cartoons definitely depicting America's military as thugs and hoodlums. I was in the US.Army for 21 years, and that included one year tour of Korea and a one year tour of Vietnam!

I neither raped nor murdered anyone, although if fired upon I did fire back. I resent your implications of what our troops are or have been, although I uphold your right to your opinion.

I just do not have to listen to it: as for the other problem with Jewish influence that, again, is one point I can agree on as being overdone in this government. But, England is the cause of most of the problem, just look at the Balfour agreement, which is the basis for the Jews other illegal actions in Palestine.

Before you start on my country I think you had better do some house cleaning in England, another for instance on this Easter Sunday, your entire government is and has been illegal all the way back to Henry the Eighth for its illegal and immoral confiscation of the Catholic churches and the people's property! The scum that runs England, be they "royals" or politicians are not even good enough for dog meat!

John D Boyle

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David Irving replies

GOOD letter, but sorry to hear of your disaffection. The Ted Rall cartoons lampoon not the luckless American serviceman, sent into the field to execute criminal orders, but the President of the United States who issued them. I know this presents a problem, it creates a schism, for Republicans and rightwingers. In this case commonsense must triumph over party allegiance. Wait for a better Republican, that is my advice. There are a lot of them out there.
   What about William Calley and My Lai? I guess you and I read different news reports -- I get the uncensored stuff.

letterLIEUT. Calley was framed, in one respect, that is by his chain of command. Secondly, whether you want to admit it or not, he and his men were actually fired on by somebody in that village. Those somebodies probably went down a tunnel and vanished. John Kerry is even worse in that he did it more than one time. Neither of those were common practice and I did not have to read it, as I was there! Where were you? Your uncensored stuff is also full of it, in that, it seems, it comes from inventors and fantasy writers!

letterYOUR best reality check would be Col. David Hackworth, ret. who spent more than one tour in Vietnam and wrote several books on the subject. He can be easily contact on the internet at WWW.HACKWORTH.COM

letter THE whole world knows what happened at My Lai*, and we are watching with our own eyes what is going on in Iraq.

* [See this link andinformation below]

In Vietnam, on March 3, 1965, the first direct and massive intervention of American ground forces in Vietnam began. U.S. Marines, 3,900 strong, landed on the beaches near DaNang at the request of the government of Saigon. Their mission was to protect DaNang Airbase. The old advisory role of the U.S. became a combatant role. On March 16, 1968, U.S. Army soldiers swept through the hamlet of My Lai outside the village of Sonsung. Lt. William Calley was in charge of First Platoon, Company C, First Battalion, 20th Infantry, under the Command of Captain Ernest Medina. Calley was ordered to lead a task force to Son My in Quang Ngai Province and destroy a suspected Vietcong stronghold in the hamlet of My Lai. Reports circulated that Calley and his platoon gunned down 109 men, women and children. It was three years later, on March 29, 1971, that Lt. Calley Jr. was convicted by a court martial jury of six officers of 22 premeditated murders at My Lai Hamlet. Two days later the jury sentenced Calley to life in prison, dismissal from the service, and forfeiture of pay and allowances. His verdict was lessened to twenty years, and then he was paroled in November 1975.

MSNBC - Lessons of My Lai ... drug use in the military and mistreatment of the Vietnamese. ... the Army, Calley married the daughter of a prominent jeweler. Calley doesn't give interviews. ... karws.gso.uri.edu/Marsh/Vietnam/149628.asp - 26k -

CNN - 'Blood and fire' of My Lai remembered 30 years later - ... ... Calley opened fire on civilians during a "search and destroy" mission in My Lai and neighboring villages in central Vietnam. ... Calley, now a jeweler in Georgia ... Description: [CNN.com] Category: News > Online Archives > CNN.com > 1998 > March > World www.cnn.com/WORLD/9803/16/my.lai/ - 16k

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