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Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives, and invite open debate.

William B disagrees with Mr Irving, Monday, December 13, 2004, on America's recent wars



Nobody profits from a badly run war

YOU and I share direct lineage to [Robert] the Bruce. The proper spelling, Brus, is very close to that of my family name today, still spelled much the same with little phonetic variation. Not bad for an American whose family immigrated to the Virginia colonies from Scotland in 1634.

I compliment your writing style and dedication to facts, and agree with many of the positions you take; however I do take issue with your AR cartoonist and general anti-American slant, specifically in re. Iraq. It does you disservice.

As a retired combat veteran of thirty years service; and one whose son just returned from fighting in Iraq for a full year, I comment that you are either completely ignorant and filled with some form of subconscious institutionalized bias, or you are deliberately publishing anti-American pap to conform with some agenda of yours. Which is it?

My direct access to U.S. military data is still exists. Let me assure you that only a complete dolt would imagine ours is anything less that the most competent ever fielded. I presume that you certainly must be smart enough to know that it is to no one's advantage to put an ill-equipped Army into combat.

Who could possibly profit from that? I hope you have the political knowledge of our system to know that the only people who have recently hobbled our military have been the Democrats in Congress and the global socialists of the United Nations.

You must either not understand the former, or are told what to publish by the latter. From the way you talk you sound as if you would like that organization to have some form of control over our nation. Would that enable you to feel less powerless?

To publish less makes you appear both unaware and ill informed. Unless you are publishing with the intention of inflaming the ignorant, one would think you would seek to be more credible. What was the source of your information?

William B


The Face of War in Fallujah: mass murder and genocide


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David Irving comments

IN an illegal war like the US attack on Iraq I am wholly on the side of the innocent civilians. Did you have a look at those photographs, whose link I posted yesterday. How do you imagine entire families in Falluja got killed, shot, room by room [pictures]?

Don't get me wrong, I adore the American people, and the high point of each year is my visit to your country; it is your present criminal Government that I object to -- it has made the world a very dangerous place, thanks to its murderous greed for oil.

© Focal Point 2004 David Irving