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Brian D. Carlson of Boston shares Mr Irving's views, Friday, November 12, 2004, on the horrows of the war in the Middle East


Radical support

I JUST wanted to compliment you for the insights you conveyed today in your "Radical's Diary" regarding the Fallujah attack. I was at your talk at Harvard in June, and the parallel you drew between what happened to the Germans in Hitler's BARBAROSSA offensive against the Soviet Union and the U.S. soldiers in Iraq last year, with the defending forces seemingly vanishing before setting up a trap, was right on target.

I fear for the brave, misguided American soldiers, and their families, who are going to suffer the same fate. I am anything but a pacifist, and consider myself deeply conservative, but I have seen my country succumbing to the same hubris that brought down Rome, the Russian and Ottoman empires and the like.

The lack of historical knowledge and perspective among Americans is deeply troubling to me

Anyway, far be it from me to purport to speak to you about history, but I just wanted to express my appreciation again for your relentless fight for the truth. (And I cannot wait for your Heinrich Himmler biography!)

Brian D. Carlson

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