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Robert J. Curtice wants advice, Thursday, December 25, 2003, on which books of Mr Irving's to start with




Thanks for the book downloads

FIRST, thank you for making your books available as free online downloads. I am currently a student and cannot afford to purchase them all at this time.

It is very refreshing to find a source of information on Hitler and the Third Reich that is not written with purely anti-Nazi bias.

My question: I find the titles of several of your books to be very fascinating ... do you recommend a particular order to read them in? HITLER'S WAR seems to be the most interesting to me ... or do you suggest I start with one of your shorter works or another book that will provide more background?

Also, what level of knowledge is assumed for someone to gain a decent understanding of your books (in particular, HITLER'S WAR ). Perhaps I might need to read a short book on this history of WW II before hand? (I do know a decent amount about the history of that time period, just not an extensive amount...)

Robert J. Curtice


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David Irving replies:

for a start, you might like to read just the Introduction to HITLER'S WAR, then lay that aside for a while and read something shorter: the book I wrote about ten years ago, NUREMBERG, THE LAST BATTLE is an easy read, and a good general introduction to both sides of the war and its personalities, with quite a few reflections of the current problems thrown up by the American presence in Iraq as well. I agree that most books now are written with an anti-Nazi bias. They and their authors will look foolish a hundred years from now, and that is the readership I am probably unconsciously aiming at. I write books for the 22nd and 23rd Century reader, who wants to know what Really Happened and Why. I shall become rich, long after my death. Happy Christmas.

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