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Scott Dean asks, Saturday, September 8, 2007, why are so many individual Jewish fates discussed on BBC television programmes nowadays.




COULD you indulge me with a moment of your time to answer a brief question regarding the Nazi occupation of Belarus in 1942?

I know very little of this, but it was just brought to my attention whilst watching the BBC program "Who Do You Think You Are". This week's episode focused upon the BBC newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky and her family. Upon tracing her relations back to Belarus, she was informed by a national of this country -- who was working within the family archives -- that the Nazi occupiers had a differing way of murdering children during the Einsatzgruppen atrocities, and this was that they "never wasted bullets on children, they murdered them with their bare hands".

In my opinion -- and I may be incorrect -- they might as well have stated that they impaled "babies on bayonets".

I found said remark so ridiculous that I ceased watching the programme, and then pondered on why this series has so many "celebrities" with a Jewish background, many of whom seem to have had numerous relatives die at the hand of the German aggressor?

As I wrote, I may be completely wrong in my assumption that this is all the usual BBC-biased bollocks, so I would like to read any thoughts you may have.

Scott Dean

PS: I witnessed your impromptu appearance on the BBC's "Weekend Nazis" expose - which I watched against the advice of my girlfriend, who did warn me that I'd last five minutes before switching it off (she was wrong, I nearly got to the end of it) - and I couldn't help but think: "If they walked around a local car-boot sale here in Lincolnshire, they'd find many more people with so-called dubious politics, though maybe fewer dressed up as members of the SS ... Just.


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