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Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives, and invite open debate.

D. Durnin feels, Monday, September 5, 2005, that our criticism of the Governor's appearance was uncalled-for


I WAS very disappointed at your reference to the [Louisiana] Governor's pudgy personal appearance. Criticize her inability to speak articulately, criticize her politics, but when you go after her personal appearance you lose credibility. You have never stooped to personal insults, why now?

D. Durnin


David Irving replies:

A FAIR point. But in my view you can judge a great deal about a person's ability and character, even before he speaks, by his appearance.

It is part of the growing up, the maturing, process; it is animal instinct, human nature, call it what you will. It is why firms have peronnel managers (now called Human Resource managers) who interview candidates face to face when they apply for the big jobs. If the interviewee was behind a screen it would lose its point.

My judgment based on the visual appearance of your lady Governor was that she was fit to run a neighbourhood candy store, and might be very popular with the kids. But in a major city crisis ... I'd hire somebody else. So far she has not proved me wrong.

She is on a par with her President alas. The political appointees he picked to manage home security and federal emergencies have not risen to the challenge. I noticed incidentally, on this evening's television photo opportunity as he visited Baton Rouge, a physiological tic which has not been evident before: As he pauses briefly for a word, his lower jaw does a brief, almost imperceptible horizontal sawing motion. It happened half a dozen times in the three or four minute film. He is evidently way out of his depth now, and knows it.

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