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Marcos de Escobar of Rio de Janeiro agrees with Mr Irving's views, Thursday, November 25, 2004, on the immigrant invasion of England


Radical support

CONGRATULATIONS on your latest Radical´s Diary. Again you are spot on when you comment on the invasion-immigration which your country has suffered.

For four decades I have been going to London every year, having permanently lived there from 1994 to 2000. I simply cannot believe how London has been swamped by Blacks (with everything that this entails, as your text accurately describes).

The loss of identity is scandalous! English people? Englishness? Now only available in old films and our memories... And hypocrisy and totalitarianism of "political correctness" force the few remaining Whites to feel ashamed for existing.

To the Lords who rule the world the greatest crime of all seems to be for Europeans to wish to preserve their identity and their nation-states. God help us!

Marcos de Escobar

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