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Maxine Fisher writes with praise for Mr Irving's biography "Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich", July 26, 2004




"Genius and warmth"

I AM currently reading your book on Joseph Goebbels and thoroughly enjoying it. I must thank you for your patient research and splendid detail. It is refreshing to read a book without the customary bias and bitterness.

I have no doubt that the Holocaust was a terrible event in history but I find your approach to the subject of the Nazis, and Adolf Hitler in particular, an informatively neutral one.

What many historians forget, you seem to remember; that Hitler could not have risen to power legally by being a raving madman. He had genius and warmth, even if he did use those qualities for evil purposes sometimes. I think that if people realised how much better off the average German was under Hitler's rule before the war, they would be astonished, as this subject is apparently taboo.

It would be refreshing to have freedom of speech whereby one could state the good and the bad case without fear of reprisal. I am glad you have the courage to do this.

Once again, congratulations on an excellent book, I would recommend it to any student of the Nazi period.

Maxine Fisher (freelance writer)


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