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Mel Fowler has read a 1990 speech by David Irving to the Clarendon Club

An inspiring speech

I'VE just read with great interest a speech which you delivered in 1990, that is to say fourteen years ago.

It is not only a superb speech, but it contains some information of great value for the light it sheds on certain facets of WW II.

I deeply regret not having seen it much sooner, and I cannot help feeling that in the absence of active suppression of this speech I would have come across it ten or twelve years earlier. Why did I have to wait fourteen years to receive the critically important information you presented in a speech to the Clarendon Club in 1990?

I suppose at least part of the answer would relate to your brief discussion of a conspiracy of silence:

"There are certain things that educated, genteel English folk do not mention. What we do not mention are the connections between, uh, those people and these people."

And so on.

Ironically, such a conspiracy of silence amounts to an immense clog on the communication precisely of the most vital information we must have if we have any chance of recovering our national self-determination.

The enemy seems to have a toxin giving them the power to paralyze the minds of those they wish to destroy. They seem to have singled you out as one they must crush. The implication is that even though the publishing industry has walled you in, you must still be considered an intolerable threat because, for example, you give speeches like the one I just read.

Mel Fowler

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