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Jonas H. writes from Australia on Friday, July 25, 2003 about the fate of all neo Nazis and deniers.




JUST received your letter of thanks for my contribution.

I only first heard of you in the papers (described as a neo Nazi / denier) here in Australia but it was reading your opening statement in the Libel trial that opened my eyes and showed me an obvious character assassination was taking place.

I just want to say thanks to you for what you have done. You have sacrificed everything, reputation smeared, lost your home but it was all worth it. It really was worth it as you kept your integrity. In years to come when emotion has gone out of the sensitive issues, there will be no such need for political correctness and your works will be rightly given their due.

Once a man is awakened to the truth there is no going back, and the truth spreads like an infection. And the dawning of the internet accelerates the impact of such things.

Anyways I look forward to seeing you on your much delayed speaking tour in South Australia

Since there seems to be so much propaganda about the Nazi Regime, Hitler and what really happened, am I correct in assuming that the same thing was done to Stalin and Communist Russia?

What are the best, unbiased sources for a look at who Stalin really was and what his actions were?

Jon2as H.


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David Irving replies

I AM going eventually to open a member's only pay-per-view section soon, containing major documentary finds. . . The best source on Joseph Stalin, to my knowledge, is the biography written by General Volkogonov, who had access to his so-called "secret safe file" and other materials since closed again by the Moscow authorities after the heyday of glasnost.

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