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H. Hendel is puzzled, Sunday, March 23, 2008, by the unremitting attacks on Mr Irving and "Hitler's War"

DAVID IRVING writing in 1999 at his rented house at Key West, Florida.
He now lives near Windsor, England


Sunday, March 23, 2008

EVER since reading your first [1977] edition of "Hitler's War" many years ago, which incidentally I did not find controversial at all, I noticed, surprisingly, an increased Cassandra like vehement attack on you. As a result I have had my curiosity piqued as to what on earth is going on here?

Every Historian is entitled to portray/evaluate the facts he discovers in order to portray what actually was in his understanding the truth of the day. History is never 100% correct. It cannot be; as surely as we cannot now truly know what is really going on in our own time. Yet History is important and powerful. It can teach us much!

To try to use a specifically/politically interpreted version of history to further an agenda, whatever the veracity quotient , is an despicable if not criminal endeavour that you have been the victim of. There is fear of truth at play here!

Does one need to agree with everything you print or say ? Of course- not and you do not "preach" (well, you do not hide your beliefs) you simply report!

Someone researching such a hugely important subject as you have committed yourself to, must necessarily reach conclusions that are based upon much more factual information that the informed citizen or lazy historian ( and I know some!) do.

I will continue to follow your research with considerable interest, My hope is that , before you die, you will put to print/INTERNET full story of the true HOLOCAUST that was WW-I & II. In so doing your life's work will have been more than worthwhile.

H. Hendel

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