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Paul Herman of the USA asks, Wednesday, May 23, 2007, why Hitler never used his nerve gases



Hitler did not use Sarin; why?

BIG fan. Loved Hitler's War and actually I quite liked War Between the Generals. Besides your books I think Table Talk and the Stenographic Military Conferences [Hitlers Lagebesprechungen, also Hitler Directs his War] are fantastic reads into Adolf Hitler and his gigantic struggles in that war.

His speech to division commanders at the Adlerhorst in Dec 1944 before Watch on the Rhine [the Ardennes Offensive] is a marvellous recap of European history and their struggle at their present time (late 1944).

If Hitler was such a "madman" why do you think he never used Sarin gas [a nerve gas of which the Germans had stockpiled 30,000 tons, never used] against the Soviets? Why do people who call him a psychopath never mention this? Also what do you think about the progressive government policies that were put in place in the 1930's in Germany. Why is the good that those policies brought to Germany never given respect? I guess the war years are supposed to wipe out any good that occurred, right?
Paul Herman USA


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David Irving comments:

VALID points. Many of modern Germany's current laws go back to the Nazi era -- for example a quaint rule that newspapers are not allowed to review the first performances of plays and films overnight, but must wait one or two days before rushing into print.

It was the Nazis who in July 1934 passed Europe's first laws banning vivisection on animals (at the same Cabinet meeting that post-facto legalised the murder of Hitler's enemies in the Night of the Long Knives).

As for the use of the nerve gases, I discussed this with Hermann Göring's deputy, Field Marshal Erhard Milch in about 1967. He told me that he asked Hitler why Germany was not using her advanced gases, and Hitler replied that Germany had signed the Geneva Convention prohibiting this. Having been gassed himself in World War I he may have had a special reason for adopting this line, of course.

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