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Joey (of Quebec?) offers more praise for Mr Irving's writings, Tuesday, October 14, 2003



More fulsome praise

I HAVE been an unabashed fan of your work since Hitler's War and your revelations on the faked diaries in 1983. I like your site, and always read your viewers' letters whenever they are available. It is comforting to know that Real History remains a topic of infuriation for the enemies of free speech, and what better way to inflame their petty, controlling minds than to speak out on the subject on an international platform!

I do think you are a truly gifted writer, and your effectiveness in collecting information and documents previously unknown is conceded even by your opponents, which says a lot, in my (humble) opinion.

Hitler, BlondiNota bene: I saw, as part of the collage for your speaking tour in Cincinnati this year, a photo of Adolf Hitler walking his dog (I'm unsure whether it's the Alsatian Prinz or Blondi - I assume the latter) in a field near some trees. Is there any chance you might be in possession of a larger version of this image?

Apropos, I commend your use of visual imagery on your site to better convey the points you make, as I do your refraining from comment on many of the articles (some negative) you reproduce on your site, specifically those concerning you and your work.

It's still true that Englishmen have some manifestation of nobility in their actions, regardless of their situation in life. You are one such individual. I commend you on your restraint in answering your critics, for it only infuriates them further than haranguing them inevitably would. Bravo.

Best wishes,


[Full name withheld by this website]

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