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Joseph writes from Quebec on Friday, July 25, 2003 about the life and work of David Irving and has a few undeserved remarks about the Americans too




IF INDEED you do read the correspondence sent to your website [Website: Mr Irving does, every single item: 380 a day], then I think it's only appropriate to let you know what an enthusiast Hitler's War 1991I am of your work. I first read "Hitler's War" in 1991, the Focal Point edition. Having read other Third Reich biographies and published documents - among them Ian Kershaw's two-volume novel (if one may call it so), Joachim Fest's 1973 tome (the only such book I've read by a German historian, since my German is so-so), and miscellaneous other books such as Hugh Trevor-Roper's Table Talk 1941-1944 and Alan Bullock's Hitler & Stalin: Parellel Lives -- I can honestly say yours stands out head & shoulders above the rest.

Unquestionably, Hitler's War & The War Path made history when they emerged on the literary scene. We doubtless today live in a society, especially here in North America (Canada for myself, where you were savagely bereft of your freedoms of speech), that sadly continues to follow the state-sponsored myth of the Holocaust as an event abetted by the German people (who knew nothing), and of Hitler as its author and architect!

I am well aware of the sinister confederacy -- as Winston Churchill once put it -- of Jews in the media. They seem to have a steady foothold in American politics at this time, also, though that's subject to change pending the outcome of this grotesque Israeli-defense war recently perpetratred in Iraq at the expense of British blood (for American blood, if such a thing even existed, has no value.

It is, and I quote the Führer in Hitler's War, a 'potpourri of inferior races' whose racial & cultural roots are in permanent disarray, forced into an unnatural amalgam of questionable efficacy. Not so the British, with their 2000-year history and clearly-defined racial characteristics, not to forget inherent strength of will.)

I lived in England for six years in 1990s, and never met an Englishman whose hand I wasn't inclined to shake heartily. It is truly a wonderful nation, and had it been guided by more level-headed, less auto-destructive leadership during Hitler's war, it would doubtless now be the bulwark of the European continent, in concert with the only other unquestionably superior & bravehearted race in the immediate proximity.



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David Irving replies

I AGREE wholeheartedly with all the nice things Joseph writes about me, though I cannot share his wholescale condemnation of the Americans.

Which Englishman was it who once said, "I enjoy being in the United States so much as an Englishman, it gives one such an effortless feeling of superiority"? Oh yes, I know.

The English have always been arrogant, and I keep reminding parents there is nothing wrong about that: we pay large sums of money, if we can afford it, to inculcate arrogance in our offspring from an early age, in part by sending them to the appropriate schools dressed in straw boaters, top hats and tailcoats. It was arrogance that won the Empire, and it was Christian subservience and generosity -- particularly towards émigrés and those who are now called "asylum-seekers" -- that lost it. But that is another story.

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