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Barry J. Klazura likes Churchill's War, Thursday, March 25, 2004, dislikes Hitler.

Churchill and Hitler

I AM reading your second volume of Churchill's War. Unlike William Manchester's biography, it shows many sides of a very complex man. At times brilliant, at times pigheaded, always pushing, full of doubts but able to capture the imagination of the British public.

Sorry, so far I have not found that you condemn him as you seem to intimate on the flyleaf. I do wonder, obviously, given the outcome of the Lipstadt trial (yes, I have read the transcript) as too your objectivity or purpose, but I still enjoy the book and value it for many historical insights.

One point that I truly disagree with you is that you come from the side that the War was avoidable, that somehow Churchill caused the war. If he did, good for him. Adolf Hitler and his regime was a danger to the civilized world, prone to either centralized genocide of the worse type, or at the very least, a disorganized de-centralization that allowed the mass killing of Slavs and others to a scale that was unprecedented for centuries.

Germany could have have been allowed to maintain control of Europe as eventually they would have organized themselves to be a true slave empire bend on never ending destruction. I have met and interviewed a number of Waffen-SS officers (among them Otto Skorzeny) and I know that their only problem was that they lost.

I was wondering if you have really lost your home on Duke Street and all of your papers. I personally cannot imagine how you must feel if you have lost your papers as they are the work of a lifetime. What is the real status there?

Barry J. Klazura

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David Irving comments:

YOU ask about my home and papers. Yes, the government Trustee took everything on May 24, 2002 when I was in Seattle. (See my Radical's Diary for May 2002).

I am currently fighting them to get back my archives. They think they have stymied me. They haven't. I too have friends. "Churchill's War", vol. iii: "The Sundered Dream" will appear next year, provided we can then raise the capital.

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