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Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives, and invite open debate.

Leor Leon of Israel rather likes the works of David Irving, Wednesday, September 8, 2004



Mein KampfIrving Fan in the Middle East

"HE penetrated through the dim mist of thousands of years and transformed the historical memory of the dead past into a living reality" -- This is the praise that Adolf Hitler gave to his teacher Leopold Poetsch in his book Mein Kampf.

I think that I can say the same about your book Hitler's War.

Hitler's WarLeor Leon



BBC reported that 60% of the motels in the US are now owned by one Indian "family", the Patels

Mike Oldfield of British Columbia adds this postscript (Tuesday, August 17, 2004): "When I did my last driving tour of the western United States in 1994, I found that whenever I stayed in a motel that was run by East Indians, the rate they charged me for an overnight stay was always higher than the rate quoted for that particular motel in the American Automobile Association's guidebook. Somehow I don't think it was a coincidence. "



THE "dagoes" reference was to Javier Solana, below, a Spaniard; and a NATO mass-murderer at that. I do not use milk-toast language about people like him.

The reference to Asian hotel-keepers is frank, honest, travel advice to others, as in: "If you find a hotel in the USA managed by an Asian, drive on." It is nothing to do with racism, merely a realistic travel hint. In my experience -- and I drove 15,000 miles around the entire United States since November -- Asian-managed hotels are dirty, poorly maintained (bugs!), and being slowly run down.

Javier SolanaThe light bulbs have been replaced by 40-watt bulbs throughout. The coffee machines have been removed. The soap bars could hide under a 37¢ postage stamp. There will always be exceptions, true, but I did not find even one, and I don't believe in mincing my language. When you go out in the world, on the road, in farflung towns and cities, as I often do, you pick up a few worldly-wise tips about hotels like those above: I pass them on; it is open to others like yourself, who have perhaps led more sheltered lives, to ignore them if you want to, to go out there, and make the same mistakes that I used to.

Politically-correct Miami used to refuse to put up street signs diverting tourist traffic away from the city's unsafe (i.e., Black) areas. It took a couple of very nasty incidents for them to change that policy and erect idiot-proof "sunshine" icons to channel arriving tourists safely to the right districts. One German family took a wrong turning from the airport in a rental car (which in those days were all recognizable by the "Z" in their license tag) and were dead within five minutes. As said, overweening political correctness then took a back seat to realism. Tourists who've been harrassed do not return; that German family did not either.

In England they now say: A Conservative is a Liberal who has been mugged. I appreciate that political correctness has a set of rules of its own; but respect for ones fellow humans does not oblige us to be quiet about their shortcomings -- particularly when you are a weary traveler, on the road.

Incidentally, since I wrote those lines about American motel system, I have received very many letters from others quietly expressing the same puzzlement about its gradual collapse. Race does not come into it: if the common factor were seven-feet tall hotel managers, or two-headed hotel managers, I would say just the same about them; in this case, the common factor is that they are recent Asian immigrants, and seemingly out of their depth in the culture of the United States.


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