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Sheila Lynn bought a used copy of an Irving book tossed out by a US Army library


War Between the GeneralsThe US Army and Irving books

I WAS able to purchase your book The War Between The Generals, used of course, for $25 at Border's Books here in the USA. It's a 1981 edition, but has an interesting stamp in it. This is how it read's:


It seems to me that they were doing some house cleaning at the Library and decided to get rid of your book. The book still has the jacket clued to the inside back, with the check-out card still in the jacket holder.

Dresden bookIt even gives the last date it was checked out, May 24, 1982. Maybe they found its contents a little to hard to swallow. Eisenhower and Patton are icons here in America.

I also ordered your book on Dresden and received it on March 1, 2004. It was used and a paperback. I have started to read this book. I can tell from the introduction and the forward by the U.S. Air Force General [Spaatz] and the Air Marshal [Saundby], that they seem to believe that the air campaign against Germany was justified.

Sheila Lynn

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David Irving comments:

UNTIL a few years ago, all my books were required reading at West Point, The Citadel and other US military academies.

Then the Traditional Enemies wrote letters to the commandants, which I have seen, insisting that my books be removed from the libraries -- which rather seems to run against the values that armies fight to preserve. Others however know how to value the books. According to the press, a copy of Hitler's War was found on the bedside reading table of Saddam Hussein's vice prime minister, Tariq Aziz; and another copy was discovered in the bookshelf of Panamanian leader General Noriega.

Incidentally, US soldiers trying to access my website on US Army computers get an access-denied message on their screens, stating that this website is deemed not to be mission-related, and that further attempts will be logged and reported to their commanding officers. This began during the US war against Belgrade.


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