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Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives, and invite open debate.

Rik Marsden of Australia urges Mr Irving, Sunday, June 10, 2007, keep fighting for the truth.


Whom can we believe on History?

I EXPRESS my gratitude to you for standing up for free speech and challenging established legends and opinions.

I first became aware of you in the nineties when you were banned from entering Australia and a friend gave me a video you released talking about it. [THE STRUGGLE FOR TRUTH IN HISTORY] At the time I was not totally sold on all of your views and I thought that some of your conclusions seemed to be a bit 50-50 and that if someone a lot smarter than me had challenged them they could have found some holes in them, but no one seems to want to!!

I keep hearing other historians dismiss your opinions but never offer anything of their own to discredit the facts that you have researched and raised. I was, however, in full support of your right to express these views and disgusted with the Australian government at how easily they were influenced and manipulated by other parties who want to suppress all challenging evidence.

Now I never went to university, but I did have a very good history teacher at school and he always told us that what he was teaching us was what was required to pass our exam not the 100 percent truth. He drummed in to me to remember always that a lot of history books are written by people reading between the lines and coming up with their own conclusions.

With this in mind I decided to start reading, I have read all your books as well as many others (Shirer, Reuth, Manvell/Fraenkel, etc.). I have also read far right and extreme left material, I have read speeches by Goebbels, Goering, Churchill, Stalin, Julius Streicher, Himmler, etc.

Having spent the last few years reading and pondering this seed that you planted in my mind about what actually happened in Auschwitz and I still feel I need more evidence to be totally sold on your views, but as no one is prepare to rationally debate and destroy your arguments my conclusion is that they know the truth but vested interests and guilt are preventing them from coming clean. What I despise is the way you have been treated and the way they are trying to gag you, if they are so right then they should be able to destroy your arguments in seconds.

We in the west like to throw around phrases like "freedom", "free speech" at other countries but we only have it if we stick to the established views. In the twenties and thirties did the Nazis party not play on peoples fears and say that there was a worldwide Jewish conspiracy? Well from what I can see it isn't a coincidence that you are being banned from speaking in all these various countries this is being centrally orchestrated. This all smacks of censorship to me that the Nazis or Communists would be proud of!! We've already seen the book burning and window smashing maybe when they lock you up and through away the key there will be a torch light parade!

As an historian I know you are just looking for the truth but unfortunately it has become bigger than that it is now a question of whether we live in a truly free society or not, is this the UK or Oceania? Does 2+2=4?

Any way keep fighting for the truth

Rik Marsden

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