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Lynda Mortl has been investigating library censorship of websites, Friday, October 25, 2002




Disturbing sign of things to come

I READ the e-mail that your website is filtered out at the Kent county library system. I had some correspondence with the director at the Kensington/Chelsea library system in the spring. I was told that the filtering system was being used to deter townhall employees from wasting their time on the internet and there would be a new system (unfiltered) in May. Well, it is now October [2002] and nothing has changed.

I discovered that the Brent library system (where I live) is doing the same thing, and as your correspondent said some of the stuff they do let through is disgusting. I mentioned this to the fellow at the desk and he said "make out a report and we will probably take those off as well".

I believe this is the thin edge of the wedge and if people don't fight it they start to think no body really cares. It is certainly easier to bow to the pressure groups.

Lynda Mortl

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