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Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives, and invite open debate.

Reader Niall McDonagh, Sunday, May 20, 2007, wants to shake Mr Irving's hand on regaining his ill-deprived freedom



Wants to shake a hand ...

CONGRATULATIONS firstly on regaining your ill-deprived freedom.

While prison broke Oscar Wilde, you seem to have hit the ground running! Public speaking in Budapest, interviews in Kraków, home-hunting in London. You are truly a one-man phenomenon . . . but of course that has always been your trademark.

During your illegal detention in Austria I sent you a subscription to The Spectator, which I'm not sure you ever received. You appeared in its pages during your detention. Taki the columnist [Taki Theodoracopulos] mentioned you calling him from prison! Rod Liddle also blasted your persecutors.

Stimulating reading material was the only thing I could think of sending beyond posting you empty words of encouragement during your darkest hours.

Perhaps on second thoughts I should have done the latter. I just didn't know what to say.

I have read most of your books and always with awe: Nuremberg and Uprising being favourites alongside the epic Hitler's War and Goebbels. Some of the lines in Uprising keep coming back to me --

  • the extinction of common manners under Communism,
  • the hesitating citizens stepping from the sidewalks and into history . . .

fantastic stuff.

Anyway, without seeking to keep you longer, do you have any idea as to when and where you might be seen live in the next 6 months? It is one of my ambitions to shake your hand . . . and get an autograph!!

I live in Saudi Arabia so I can't just wander over and camp outside Focal Point HQ! You have already lived five lives over so I need to catch you live before you retire! Thank you again for all the precious and pleasant times you have given so many who dare to believe that there is intellectual life outside the 'box'.

Niall McDonagh 
Middle East 


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David Irving

David Irving comments:

THANK you so much for those kind remarks, Niall. I hope to be up and running again in a few weeks, if only figuratively speaking; I am waiting for a new visa right now, and trying to repair the weakened muscles that 400 days' solitary confinement have left me with.

PS: THOUSANDS of readers worldwide have taken advantage of this website's policy of offering free downloads of all my books, and we are constantly expanding the library to include foreign language editions too. Many are puzzled by our motives for doing this, but a little thought should provide the obvious answer to the puzzle.


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