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Bob Pasymowski writes from Warsaw, Poland, Thursday, March 6, 2003 with an interesting question of identity



Are you Eric Margolis?

SINCE more than one year I used to read in The Toronto Sun very interesting articles on Iraq and the Middle East in general written by my favourite columnist Eric Margolis.

MargolisSurprisingly, on your web site I found the photo of Mr. Margolis (right) as well as your photos showing close similarity to Mr. Margolis.

Are you, Mr. Irving, and Mr. Margolis the same person?

It would explain me why, rather unknown Margolis is so clever in his comments.

Bob Pasymowski
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Irving David Irving replies:


INTERESTING question. I too have long admired Mr Margolis for his writings. He is one of those people of whom one involuntarily finds ones self saying, "He is Jewish, but..." -- because he compensates by his wisdom for all the asinine qualities of others like Sharon, Netanyahu and the rest.


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