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Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives, and invite open debate.

Charles D. Provan of Pennsylvania commends David Irving for this website, March 31, 2007

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I visited your website tonight. I thought the interview with the 82 year old woman was excellent. I am also glad you got to meet with Michael Tregenza, who is an excellent researcher. I remember talking to him about perhaps speaking at one of the real history events some years ago. I think his work is top notch.

Just wanted to let you know that several things in your articles piqued my interest. One is this: the camp at Belzec was closed down earlier than the other two Bug River camps due to the efforts of Kurt Gerstein's enemy Wilhelm Pfannenstiel, who in my book was an excellent fellow. I admire him as much as I admire Konrad Morgen, after whom I named one of my boys. (My youngest boy is named after the Lagerältester of Treblinka, Galewski)

Pfannensteil accused SS Obergruppenführer Odilo Globocnik of murder to Ernst Grawitz, the high-ranking SS medical officer who committed suicide with a panzerfaust (as I recall) around March or April 1945 in Berlin. Pfannensteil said he was informed of the illegal killing going on at Belzec during a hygenic visit to the camp around the summer of 1942, and accused Globocnik of doing so illegally. Shortly after Pfannenstiel accused Globocnik, Belzec was closed down.

This is related by Paul Rassinier, who said that Pfannenstiel was the only eyewitness of gassing whom he (Rassinier) believed. Jewish sources do not talk much about Pfannenstiel, since this would be another "good" Nazi, hard to explain.

The other thing I wanted to tell you is that the engines in use at Treblinka were definitely gasoline engines, at least after the initial efforts using diesel. Both are possible and would work, contrary to the statements of Fritz Berg. I have several statements to that effect, among those collected by me from the Demjanjuk trial.

The mechanic of the (or, "a") motor engine used to gas the Jews at Treblinka was Jewish, and he was given special privileges, among them the privilege of marrying an female inmate. This was one of the marriages of Jews at Treblinka, which was the original reason that Konrad Morgen was called upon to investigate the Reinhard camps, about which he testified at the humiliating Nuremburg IMT.

I look forward the speaking with you again. And of course, I am always willing to discuss "wierd" facts which will never make it into the "mainstream" "holocaust" histories, I don't know whether you heard about it, but an interview Michael Hoffman did with me on "the Holocaust" was removed from Google because my statements were supposedly "anti-semitic", which they actually were not.

One last thing. The interview you did with the Russians at Krakow was very very good. It totally escapes the stupid "evil neo-nazi" image that has been foisted upon you.

Charles D. Provan


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