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Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives, and invite open debate.

Arturo Ramirez has words of high praise, Friday, December 24, 2004, for David Irving's analysis of the feud between Eisenhower and Montgomery


The War between the Historians

I CAN'T believe I am writing to one of my all-time heroes, David Irving. I lament how much abuse you take today simply for writing books that the establishment doesn't want written.

As far as I am concerned you have done this world a great service and when everything is said and done you will be vindicated, the opinion of those inbred historians be damned.

I read The War Between the Generals when I was attending junior high school. I am happy to inform you that I let a retired Navy Captian have it. He later informed me that an officer friend of his read it, as it is part of mandatory reading at the naval war college. God Bless You,

Arturo Ramirez



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David Irving

David Irving comments

YES, The War Between the Generals is one of my favourite books. It was edited by Tom Congdon (right)Tom Congdon, one of New York's master-editors, in the 1980s.

True, it was shot down on the first day by a lying, unfair review poison-penned by "John" Lukács, the Hungarian-Jewish writer who has gone around New York for thirty years badmouthing me. And we know why.

But the book sold well, and it still stands, and I am glad to announce that it is high on my list for reprinting in 2005 -- if we can raise the modest capital.

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