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Sissi Wu, a Chinese expatriate, has praise for the battle for Real History, Monday, April 12, 2004



A Chinese voice on the war for Real History

May you have had a Happy Easter today!

FORGIVE me for venturing to write you this e-mail whose author's English is still far from perfect, although I arrived in USA in 1988 as a graduate student.

My name is Sissi Wu. I am a Chinese and I am a history lover. I have read some wonderful books you composed which I have purchased : Hitler's War, Churchill's War, Göring, and Nuremberg, the Last Battle.

I just want to tell you that your heroic and fight for truth and fortitude over such a long span of time has aroused high respect and admiration for you in my heart.

And I just want to let you know that my heart is impregnated with profound gratitude and appreciation to you for being benefited from you of knowing truth, which stands alone against the whole world.

Truth is always hated and feared by those who want to hide it from the public and to suppress it for fitting their own interest and their own purpose. However, fortunately, as Frederick the Great once wrote in one correspondence with Voltaire, 'Decent folk in all countries are beginning to think', and ' truth finds its way.'

In the meantime, my heart is filled with deep sympathy for you for the unjust treatment which you have received and from which you have been suffering in the hands of those truth-haters.

To be frank, if my dear father, who was a biology professor in China, who also, like me, a history-lover, came to life, he would be extremely astonished to read your account of suffering.

When I was still in China, he once moved heaven and earth to block my way to choose history as my major on the ground that since in China history has been attached closely to politics, politics would be too dangerous and cruel for me.

But I believe that he had never thought, imagined nor dreamed that in the West, where freedom and democracy are said to have prevailed for decades, such terrible persecution could take place! I think it is horrible, and it is disgrace of our human beings.

Really, I feel ashamed for our human beings, and I blush for our century. From my whole heart, please, I beseech you, take good care of yourself not only for the sake of yourself, of your dear family, but also for the sake of many of your admirers who are truth-lovers, as well as for the sake of Real History itself. I strongly hope that history will do you justice some day, just as I wish it will do Germany justice some day.

I would be much obliged to you if you could milk some time from your crowded schedule to deign to offer me a few lines, to honor me with your correspondence.

I hope that you and your works are already known to my country-men, I mean the Chinese.

With high respect,

Sissi Wu


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