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John Smith of Portsmouth, England, asks questions of Mr Irving, Saturday, March 27, 2004 .

Questions, not always answered

STARTING with The Mare Nest many years ago, I have read many of your books. So long as your writing stayed within certain areas, you and your character were not attacked. What was it you wrote or said that started these outpourings of hatred against you?

The Lipstadt business was not the start of this campaign against you. I recall reading in the 1980s that you were asked if you would write a book about "Holocaust" and you replied that to do so would be literary suicide.

Last year I got in touch with James Bacque, author of Crimes and Mercies. He too seems to be attacked for writing unpopular facts.

What baffles me is why, when it became probable that you would lose your Mayfair home, you went to the USA without removing all the effects dear to you first.

Sorting through some old audio cassettes the other day i came across your interview given on the London radio station LBC I think the subject was something like "Was Hitler Mad" I have listened to it a number of times I think this was about 1977 If you would like it for sentimental reasons I would be glad to send it to you.

I note that Otto Günsche has died. I wrote to him in 2000 because I wanted to know just how close the Russian troops were to the bunker around 3.30 pm on April 30th. I read somewhere it was only a few hundred yards that seemed very close. But Herr G would not be drawn. He did reply because I had sent to him a photostat from Christa Schroeder's book Er war Mein Chef. This was Herr Günsche's statement about officers not being searched when entering the FHQs. He replied that true to his word he would not be giving any memoirs about that period however I sent to him about a dozen postcards from the 1930s Berlin showing buildings etc. and asked to him to autograph them. He kindly signed each one and sent me two photos of himself at Rastenburg also signed.

Do you happen to know how close they were?

Lastly watching you walk into the High Court on TV [in April 2000] I was amazed at the lack of protection you had, if these enemies hate your guts as much as they seem to. Surely this was taking a huge risk, -- think of vom Rath, Wilhelm Gustloff, and there must be many others.

There seem to be three major subjects you cannot voice criticism over in the West today

  • Immigration from the Third World
  • The European Union, and its aims
  • The Holocaust.

John Smith


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David Irving comments:

YOU ask about my home and papers. Yes, the government Trustee took everything on May 24, 2002 when I was in Seattle. (See my Radical's Diary for May 2002). I am currently fighting them to get back my archives.

You are puzzled that I did not remove the valuables to prevent their seizure. To have done so would have been to commit a criminal act; it is important to remain within the law at all times, however painful it sometimes is -- and however little ones opponents feel subject to the same constraints.

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