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Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives, and invite open debate.

George Stern, literary enfant terrible of London, has discovered Mr Irving's 1981 book The War Between the Generals (Sunday, July 17, 2005)



War between the authors

[Mr Irving's reply]

War Between the GeneralsJUST to say I had a piece of luck - I found a copy of The War Between the Generals, Penguin edition, in a thrift shop.

Great, amusing, revealing!

Surely the Purdey shotguns which Bedell Smith ordered on official money -- these would costs tens of thousands nowadays -- did he not get into trouble?

As I recall he was later an aide to Dwight D Eisenhower when the latter was president.

You one said that in some way which I can't recall the book was blotted out by some other event and not sold as much as it should.

Anyway it deserved wide sale. All best wishes

George Stern




Our dossier on this book and John Lukàcs

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David Irving

David Irving comments:

WALTHER Bedell Smith later became a director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and yes, John Lukàcs (below left) gave my book The War Between the Generals a stinking, lying review in The New York Times in March 1981 which killed it stone dead on Day 1.

Tom CongdonThe publisher Congdon & Lattès went bust in consequence of this one hostile review, because Good Morning America pulled the already-filmed segment it had done -- an interview by Ted Koppel with me -- in direct consequence, as they told publisher Tom Congdon (right). He deserved better.

It took The New York Times many months to publish our reply. John Lukàcs, who was born a Hungarian Jew but has disclaimed his religion so far as I know, has hated me ever since Madison Avenue turned down his project for a Hitler biography, stating that my book Hitler's Wars would render his superfluous, or so he told John Toland. Hell hath no fury! Lukacs book

Lukàcs has published one lying, malicious article and book after another about me ever since, but U.K. publishers, knowing full well the purport of the word "malice" when it comes to Libel actions, have been wary of publishing his books ever since. He had to rewrite his last book (right) totally to take the U.K. laws on publishing malicious and defamatory lies into account (in the U.S.A. he can get away with them).

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