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Paul J.M. Sweet of England shares our views, Monday, December 27, 2004, on Professor Richard "Skunky" Evans



Another skunk-hater

I HAVE just scanned your extensive and comprehensive index on Prof. Richard J. Evans, and even at a glance it makes fascinating reading.

I hope you give it to Evans in a big way. He is a solid-Gold academic, i.e. the best professor money can buy, as Deborah Lipstadt would attest if she were honest enough, which she is not.

Anyway, he is a discredited party as far as so many of us are concerned. Even in the preface/intro of his book about the Lipstadt matter, Telling Lies About Hitler, he makes one very glaring error that I can recall about your book The War Between the Generals, stating that it was about "differences between Hitler's generals," and not about the conflicts between the generals of the Western Allies, as I remember reading it was many years ago. [Even the jacket, right, might have given Skunky Evans a hint about the content]

I couldn't read the rest of the book as this mistake demostrated a very low standard of veracity and accuracy, and immediately discredited the man. And this is the so-called expert witness!

Expert at what? one is tempted to ask. Expert at getting paid. I hope you nail the smug, conceited bastard.

Paul J.M. Sweet


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