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Harold Tittmann asks, Monday, June 4, 2007, Does she really exist - the Little Old Lady in Austria? (Yes)


Does she really exist - the Little Old Lady?

I WAS intrigued by your report of the little old lady in Vienna who wrote to the President of Austria to protest your imprisonment and was consequently fined 200 euros, with a threat of imprisonment.

I checked with an Austrian friend of mine who is well connected, and he told me that his media contacts were unaware of this incident, and considered the story unlikely.

Did the little old lady send you a copy of the notice about the fine? If she can prove her story, I'm sure it would be publicized by a newspaper such as the Kronenzeitung.

Harold Tittmann


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David Irving comments:

THE little old lady is genuine. In confidence, here are her details:

Frau E..... K., [rest withheld] 

She has been a warm supporter of mine for twenty years, and sent letters and small funds to me while I was a political prisoner in Vienna. Born August 21, 1918. She sent me a photocopy of the indictment (Strafbrief)

I am not surprised that the Austrian media knows nothing. Even if they do, they don't report. These political cases are hushed up. There were 18,000 indictments under the similar laws in Germany last year. That is the official figure; I am sometimes inundated with requests for advice and assistance.


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