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Vydyanath writes from India, Monday, April 5, 2004, about the books of David Irving which he is downloading free, and asks about Mein Kampf



Your Hitler, and his Mein Kampf 

Respected Sir,

Rommel MY name is Vydyanath, from India. I have finished reading your book: Trail of the Fox. Now I am reading Hitler's War.

I wanted to read Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf. After reading your book Hitler's War, a doubt arose in my head. I wanted to ask you one question. Is the Mein Kampf which is available today original, or is it a manupilated version?

I am asking you this trivial question because I believe you are an unbiased man. Your book Hitler's War has created a lot of pain in my heart & brain because I thought that the Hitler's War 1991 history I studied till now was true.



PS: Sorry I couldn't buy the books you have written, painstakingly. I do not have enough money. I downloaded the books on the net. I assure you that I shall one day buy all your works.They are very good. Keep up the good job, Sir. . . 

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David Irving replies

Mein KampfIF YOU buy a copy of Mein Kampf now, there are some good modern translations, with "scholarly" commentary. You are not obliged to read the commentary. Avoid the pre-war English editions, as Adolf Hitler himself ordered certain passages left out.

PS: As for downloading my books rather than buying them, I am aware that there are billions of people in the world who can't afford books, or who don't live near a Waterstones or a Barnes & Noble (even if those bookstore chains did still have the courage to continue stocking all my books), and that is precisely why I encourage people who can't buy them to download them free.

Most conformist historians don't do that, and that is why they will lose History's battle. Many people elsewhere in the world support this effort by their contributions. Gott mit uns.

 © Focal Point 2004 David Irving