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Dick Wanschura of Minnesota is keen, Monday, June 4, 2007, to attend the next Real History weekend at Cincinnati.



You're out; now for Cincinnati!

I AM so glad you're out of prison. I applaud you for sticking to your principles about what happened in the sacred cow the Jews call a holocaust. My family and myself can't wait for another Real History event if you could set something up again in Cincinnati.

I was at the 2003 Real History meeting. You are by far the most knowledgeable historian on World War II and I'm glad I got to talk to you back in 2003. God bless you and your family and everyone who is trying to defeat the anti free speech crowd.

Dick Wanschura
St. Paul Minnesota


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David Irving comments:

I SHALL hope to organise another Real History weekend at Cincinnati in 2008. People who have suggestions for speakers they would like to hear, or just want to be kept in the loop, should write to me now:

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