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Charles Ziembo is impressed by Churchill's War, Friday, March 26, 2004, and urges Mr Irving to keep on writing


Churchill and Hitler


Churchill's WarI JUST finished reading volume one of your Churchill series and would like to say that you have written a very fine book on Mr. Churchill. Although I have read much history in my fifty-seven years, I do thoroughly enjoy your works and the depth you bring to whatever subject you write about. I will now go back and re-read your Hitler's War and then get volume two of Churchill's War.

Some two years ago I downloaded your Goebbels book and found it a very good read also. My youngest son is in high school and has readDestruction of Dresden The Destruction of Dresden which I've had for years, and now has a whole new perspective on the Allied bombing campaign -- at least he is asking serious questions about historical events and not just accepting the cursory overviews presented in high school textbooks.

I really was so very impressed with Churchill's War that I had to drop you a note to tell you . . . and to encourage you to keep on writing, Sir!

Charles Ziembo
Saginaw, Michigan.

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