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Posted Monday, December 8, 2003

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Fran Bennett, a pupil from Australia, remarks on Mr Irving's qualities, November 26, 2003




Another letter to a crackpot

I HAVE read the letters that people send you and I have read the atrocious answers you give them.

I am an Australian student of Pinjarra Senior High School and have Just finished my year-eleven end-of-year exams. I studied German history, Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust, and I am surprised to see that you, who have spent a generous amount of your life finding documentation to imply the Holocaust or liquidation of the Jewish population did not in any shape or form take place, is [sic] giving false information.

Of course no traces of cyanide were found in the camps at Auschwitz, to my knowledge the Nazi officials tried to cover up any evidence of there ever being any such places for the population of Jews to be destroyed. The substance Zyklon B was used to slaughter the revolting amount of 2,000 lives a day of Jewish human beings at Auschwitz [Website comment: if true, that would be two hundred tons of corpses for the fifteen man Sonderkommando to dispose of each day].

If the gas chambers weren't enough evidence that the mass murders happened, what about the crematory? The large fires and the large chimneys which, every time a body was burnt, let off a large stench. Any one who didn't know what was going on didn't question the horrible smell, just wondered what could possibly reek of such disgust if not to burn bodies what were such large fires and so many of them used for?

If this Mass Murder did not take place where did all the bodies disappear to? Who took them, where did they go? They must have just vanished? I don't think so Mr Irving.

I would really like to know, in all Honesty why you are pursuing this? Why are you trying to change what people have seen and know as the truth.

I recently visited the Holocaust Centre in Perth; there I listened to a Survivor of the Holocaust who had escaped from a concentration camp seven times [Website comment: But each time he returned?]. He was a Hungarian Jew and he had the emotional scars and stories to tell us of his childhood which Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Regime destroyed.

It disgusts me to hear that someone is out there saying the Holocaust didn't happen. Why would you want to damage the lives of so many involved and connected to the Holocaust even more than they already have been? I simply don't understand your state of mind.

What drove you to such an extreme? To me it seems as though you don't have much to hold onto in life except this 'theory' of yours which seems a little too imaginative for my liking. you seem to want to re-live what happened in those years of horror, the death, scandals, propaganda and indoctrination.

I am telling you, Mr Irving,that sure with your attitude right now you would be Hitler's right hand man, but if you were there and you saw the truth you wouldn't be able to even stand the thought of someone like yourself, doing and saying what you are.

Just for your information, before you imply anything further, I am not of Jewish religion, I don't really have any religion but have been brought up with a Christian way of life. I have so many questions to ask you, the main ones being why and what, because I really don't know how someone in this day and age can stand up, and say that Adolf Hitler had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

I am all for Freedom of speech and opinions, but this is something I have to stand up and say no to. I know that every country has its scapegoats, Australia hated the Aboriginals, America hated the Negroes, and Germany hated the Jews -- this is pure fact so why try to destroy history?

Jewish survivors are still scarred physically with the memories, they are tattooed with a number because sub-Humans didn't have names. the people who follow you and believe what you say are revolting. they all make me feel sick, aswell as you Mr Irving.

I'm not the slightest bit sorry if this has damaged your ego Mr Irving, because you have damaged more that egos with he rubbish you have been speaking.

Although I have bagged out your opinion, your life's work and way of living, I would still very much like a reply to my sharp yet honest letter.

I want to understand why you believe such things, if possible may I see the proof you have to support your theory, you can comment under my letter at your site as per usual or send the supporting documentation to .

I don't want to have to read you whole closing speech or dig through web sites to find this information. I would like it to be straight from you so I know I am getting the correct and precise documentation.

Thankyou, anonymous

Fran Bennetts

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