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Brad [loath to reveal his name or address] writes on Tuesday, May 8, 2001



Prof. Evans defended

EvansYOU refer to Prof. Evans as a "scholar" and an "expert", bringing his credentials into disrepute.

On what is this founded? As far as i can make out, he is a respected historian with a good reputation in academia.



THE Appeal Court will decide on Evans's "scholar" abilities. His knowledge of German was so poor that he translated in one 1939 document the colloquial Goebbels phrase "daran glauben muessen" as "will have to believe in it" (it actually means: have to be killed, have to die, as I at once pointed out). See on my website what the New Zealand academics thought of this "academic" when he tried to repeat the trick, no doubt for an equally obscene sum of money, Down Under:

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