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"C" has discovered another odd thing about the once-reliable search-engine Google, Sunday, October 27, 2002



Google has fallen into enemy hands

A SEARCH for your name on Google, used to return a description of ' History, Politics, Race, Religion and Holocaust'. I have noticed that in recent weeks, since the latest smear-mongering and silent oppression, it returns 'Web site of disgraced British Holocaust denier David Irving'

But just be grateful you live in a democracy, where freedom of speech and expression are celebrated and encouraged!

Signed "C"


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A postscript on Internet freedom, Sunday, March 7, 2004: Harvard researchers Jonathan Zittrain and Benjamin Edelman have established that the California based search-engine will find all 8,000 pages of this website, but that the German and French equivalents and find none. The lesson for our friends in those two countries: always specify -- you never know what you're missing.


Worshipping hatred

Los Angeles Times


SO Google, which always prided itself on being one of the few search engines which was entirely objective and incorruptible -- it boasted that it would not take bribes in any form to bring particular sites like Nizkor to the top of a search list -- has slithered into the greasy hands of the traditional enemies. It will soon be time for us to start examining the names and affiliations of those who manage and control the Google empire. It used to be just two computer propellor-heads, entirely incorruptible, based so I was told in Berkeley, California.
   One wonders who can possibly have an interest in dismissing me as a disgraced Holocaust denier, when I have not written a single book or article on that most dreary of all subjects. My website is already rated in the world's top 40,000, and won an award as one of the top fifty historical websites. I wonder who I can possibly be upsetting with its content.


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