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Erik Elfers-Kravets has these comments on Monday, February 19, 2001



Views on the Rommel bio


Rommel bookTHANK you kindly for your superb biography on Erwin Rommel. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and I have always found the character fascinating. To reveal his shortcomings, and to make him an approachable human, only strengthened my infatuation with him.

I look forward to reading the three books you have put online and forming my own opinions regarding the issues they raise; your contribution to historical scholarship is thankfully noted. I find it deplorable that the forces of censorship are tailing after you.

After all, if something cannot stand up for itself, doesn't it deserve to be swept away? Censorship is a purely decadent philosophy, and indicative of a point of view that cannot defend itself through other means. I urge you to move to the attack!

Erik Elfers-Kravets

PS - These days, whenever someone brings up your works, I simply say, "Go and read what he wrote, assuming his books haven't been mass-burned yet, and make your own opinion!"


WE shall shortly reissue The Trail of the Fox in the United States in a new edition. Watch this website for a free download of the bestelling German edition, which is in the final stages of preparation.

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