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Elise W in Australia is writing a paper for her class on the Holocaust, asks questions on Thursday, November 14, 2002



How early is "too early"?

THANK you very much for your speedy reply. My history teacher was sure you would have more important things to attend to than reading email. I can't wait to show her your reply tomorrow at school.

And thank you greatly for the book offer; the address you can send it to is [--]. I can't express how thankful I am -- I'm sure I will be the envy of all my classmates.

Year 12 is the final year of schooling over here -- so the age group of my grade is 16-18 year olds, although at present most people are around the 17 year mark. We finish high school at around this time next year. We're all very excited. A break would be very nice.

Your transcripts and downloads are also proving to be very helpful for my research... there is just so much information. It's wonderful.

Once again, thank you very much for your kindness.

Elise W

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Irving David Irving had responded to this scholar's initial inquiry like this:

 HELLO Elise -- I will mail you a (slightly damaged) free copy of the new edition of my Hitler biography "Hitler's War" (Millennium Edition, 2002) which will answer a lot of questions and make you the envy of your classmates. The book will take some time (weeks) to arrive, and I need an address (you must please consult your parents before giving me the address), and in the meantime I do not think I can provide much more in correspondence than you will find in my website.

You can try having a look at my books -- they are free downloads. You will find all you need at these addresses on my website: the pleadings are on my Lipstadt index; the judgment (or download it direct at this link http://www.focal.org.lipstadt/judgment.pdf The official html version of the judgment is at http://wood.ccta.gov.uk/courtser/judgements.nsf/054a30dbaca8b75e8025683c004e82 de/0711013fea4b2146802568be0053b037/$FILE/qb_irving.htm but you will find my illustrated print version easier to follow. The daily transcripts are on my website. You may find our subsequent appeal pleadings of particular interest. We learned the negative result of our appeal on July 20, 2001.

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